Notice of service by publication

Publication date 3.8.2022 9.58

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page August 3rd. No-tice record number is POL-2022-95298.

Service by publication: for a period of 14 days after the publication of this notice, the Van-taa Main Police station decisions on the license matters regarding the following persons are available for viewing:

Ahmad, Hussam M. POL-2022-66081
Eklund, Birgit M. POL-2022-66266
Heiskanen, Jonna M. POL-2022-74854
Huhtikangas, Roi R. POL-2022-67539
Johansson, Pentti J. POL-2022-67550
Kosonen, Teemu J. POL-2022-66239
Kumpulainen, Arttu S. POL-2022-44617
Kyander, Anne J. POL-2022-74868
Kärkkäinen, Mikko P. POL-2022-49030
Leskinen, Vilho O. POL-2022-67632
Lindroos, Jari T. POL-2022-66099
Lättilä, Jarmo J. POL-2022-67670
Niutanen, Oskari T. POL-2022-66194
Oldna, Jarmo POL-2022-67698
Sorvisto, Eino O. POL-2022-55614
Törrönen, Tomi T. POL-2022-66168
Wehlie, Mohamed A. 
Yasin, Mohamed H. 
Yletyinen, Tarja H. POL-2022-68387

The decisions can be viewed at the address:

Main Police Station of Eastern Uusimaa Police Department
Vantaa Main Police Station, License Services
Ratatie 11 C, 6th floor
01300 Vantaa
Office hours:

Mon-Thurs 8.00-16.15
Fri 09.00-16.15

Contact person:

Mari Savolainen, License Specialist

The service is considered to have been affected on the seventh day after the publication of this notice.

Eastern Uusimaa Police Department Service by publication Vantaa