Notice of service by publication POL-2021-141835

2.11.2021 14.02

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page on 02.11.2021. Notice record number is POL-2021-141835.

Service by publication: for a period of 14 days after the publication of this notice, the Porvoo police station’s License Service’s decisions on the license matters regarding the following persons are available for viewing:

Aho, Otto T.S. POL-2021-47796
Arvila, Mika A. POL-2021-112057
Borgström, Stefan L. POL-2021-89550
Eriksson, Hakan K.Å. POL-2021-89555
Haldin, Alexanderr K.R. POL-2021-73470
Kaila, Joacim B. POL-2021-88003
Koivu, Ilkka O. POL-2021-11211
Lumberg, Allan B. R. POL-2021-8949
Mattsson, Albin F.  POL-2021-66953
Nyholm, Bror M. POL-2021-56322
Õunapuu, Oliver POL-2021-87778
Pesonen, Joonas P. POL-2021-57188
Ristiranta, Saku A. T. POL-2021-83485
Salminen, Tuomas K. T. POL-2021-44223
Séne, Mbargan M. D. POL-2021-44223
Tiainen, Saana M. POL-2021-60499

The decisions can be viewed at the address:
Main Police Station of Eastern Uusimaa Police Department
Vantaa Main Police Station, License Services
Ratatie 11 C, 6th floor
01300 Vantaa

Office hours:
Mon-Thurs 08:00-16:15
Fri 09:00-16:15

Contact person:
Mona Mäntynen, License Specialist

The service is considered to have been effected on the seventh day after the publication of this notice.

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