Notice of service by publication POL-2022-126124

Publication date 6.10.2022 9.50

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page the 6th of October 2022. The notice record numer is POL-2022-126124.

Service by publication for a period of 14 days after the publication of this notice, the Soutwestern Finland Police Department decicions on license matters regardin the followin person are available for viewing: 


Falkstedt Erkki P J (2022/19133)

The dicision can be viewed at the address: 
Soutwestern Finland Police Department 
Turku main police station 
Eerikinkatu 40-42, A -porras 
20100 TURKU 

Opening hours: 
Mon. - Fri. at 8.00 - 16.15 
More information on weekdays at 8.00 - 16.00 tel. 0295 417 187 

The service is considered to be made seven days from the publiching of this message. 

Service by publication Southwestern Finland Police Department