Notice of service by publication POL-2023-70538

Publication date 24.5.2023 16.19
Press release

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page the 25th May 2023. Notice record number is POL-2023-70538.

Service by publication: for a period of 14 days after the publication of this notice, the Soutwestern Finland Police Department decisions on the license matters regarding the fol-lowing persons are available for viewing:

Markkanen, Sakari (5650/PH/000009/2023)

The decisions can be viewed at the address:
Southwestern Finland Police Department
Pori police station
Satakunnankatu 5
28100 PORI

Office hours:
Mon. - Fri at 8:00 - 16:15
at the nearest police station

Contact person:
p. +358295449137

The service is considered to have been effected on the seventh day after the publication of this notice.

Service by publication Southwestern Finland Police Department