Police investigate act of property damage in the public eye – stone thrown through window into home in Helsinki

14.4.2020 13.00
News item

A report of an offence concerning property damage and trespass was made to the Police on Monday, 06/04/2020. A stone had been thrown in from the window of a residence in Helsinki.
The breakage of the window concerned has been mentioned in the news coverage related to the controversy over a protective equipment order made by the National Emergency Supply Agency.

‘The Police are aware of the case and the background of the events. An investigation linked with the report of an offence has been initiated. At the same time, it will be determined as a whole whether there are other things that should be further clarified in the investigation. At this stage we have no more to relate. We will provide more information if there is a need to do so,’ Senior Detective Superintendent Markku Heinikari states.

According to the current information available, no other reports of an offence connected with the case as a whole have been submitted to the Helsinki Police.

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