Police to monitor the start-of-high-school party and intervene in consumption of intoxicants by minors

21.8.2020 15.59
News item

The police will monitor the start-of-high-school party. The police will actively intervene in the consumption of intoxicants by minors, even though their use has been more moderate in recent years than, for example, during the end-of-school weekend. Nevertheless, the police was forced to drive a few intoxicated young people home last year.

“The goal of active monitoring by the police is that no young person is subject to property crime or violence. The police cannot stand aside and watch hazing when it meets the characteristics of assault or simple assault”, says Katja Nissinen , Chief Inspector at the Helsinki Police Department.

The police will intervene in any disruptions and, if necessary, remove any individuals or larger groups. Actions of an individual may have a negative impact on a larger group of people. The police would like to remind everyone that any garbage should already be removed during the celebrations.

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