Public notification POL-2023-26981

Publication date 28.2.2023 15.12

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page 28.02.2023. Notice record number is POL-2023-26981.

Oulu Police Department has the following confiscated personal effects which have been ordered to be returned to their owner. Oulu Police Department would like the owner of the personal effects or anyone else who holds ownership of said effects to contact the police and demand that the personal effects be returned to them within six (6) months of the receipt of this notification. 

Under Section 23 of Chapter 7 of the Coercive Measures Act, the confiscated personal effects will become property of the state after six (6) months of the receipt of this notification, if no demand for returning the effects is lodged.

1. Offence report 5770/R/28010/22, coercive measure PAI1
objects subject to this notification:
Bag, Marimekko * 2 pieces (owner unknown)
Bag, Marimekko (owner unknown)
Bag, Marimekko (owner unknown)
Backpack, Marimekko * 2 pieces (owner unknown)
Footwear, Nokia * 2 pieces (owner unknown)
Tooth protectors, Shock Doctor (owner unknown)
Sock pack * 7 pieces (owner unknown)
Outerwear * 5 pieces (owner unknown)

2. Offence report 5770/R/30492/22, coercive measure TVP1
objects subject to this notification:
Television, Samsung (owner unknown)
Draperies (owner unknown)
Tool kit, Bosch (owner unknown)
Headset, JBL (owner unknown)
Computer accessories, Asus (owner unknown)
Computer accessories, Microsoft (owner unknown)
Gamepad, Playstation (owner unknown)
Mobile phone, Samsung (owner unknown)
Headset, Corsair (owner unknown)
Blower, House (owner unknown)
Computer program, Windows (owner unknown)

3. Offence report 5770/R/3139/23, coercive measure PAI2
objects subject to this notification:
Bicycle, Xtreme Hilma (owner unknown)
Bicycle, Crescent Citybike (owner unknown)

Any claims for the announced objects must be sent by the notification deadline to Oulu Police Department, P.O. box 45, 90101 OULU or via email to Claims must include the offence report number and the unique ID of the coercive measure as references.

Arrangements for viewing the confiscated objects must be made in advance. 

This information is considered delivered on the seventh day from the publication of this notification.

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