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Betting object information

The Ministry of the Interior issues by decree the rules of play for all games that involve gambling. When deciding on the rules of play, the Ministry assesses whether the game may cause a particular risk of gambling harm. Games that are thought to involve a higher risk of gambling harm are often called “red games”. Such games emphasise the speed, near misses and rewards. Red games must not be marketed in the same way as other games. 

However, Veikkaus Oy may provide some information on red games, including betting events, points of sale, terms and conditions, stakes, the odds of winning and the payouts. This is known as betting object, betting event or game information. This is an exception to the ban on marketing red games. The need for such information has been considered to relate in particular to betting and totalisator betting.

The provision of betting object information must not include similar experiential or sensory elements as marketing does. Game information must differ clearly from the regular marketing of a product or service. Veikkaus Oy must ensure that the provision of information does not actually lead to advertising the game. Game information may not be used to increase sales. The purpose of providing such information must always be to steer gaming towards legal forms of gambling.

Game information must only include strictly factual information, and no part of the communications may include any experiential elements. The permitted information can be compared to a product label. The wording used must not entice the reader to play the game. For example, the information may not contain adjectives such as "awesome", "thrilling" or "popular" or verbs in the imperative such as "play and win" or "buy". Similarly, colours, sounds or animations can make gaming so attractive that the provision of information becomes experiential marketing.

The amount and frequency of game information are also important. If it is difficult for the consumer to avoid the information provision, it starts to resemble ordinary advertising. Restrictions on the marketing of red games also affect the marketing of venues intended for playing red games (casinos and gaming arcades). The marketing of venues for red games must be similar to game information, and it must not include experiential advertising.

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Red games include

  • fast-paced online games
  • betting
  • poker and other card games
  • eBingo
  • most slot machines
  • online lotteries (money lotteries run on the internet)
  • casino games