Rahanpesun ja terrorismin rahoittamisen torjunta -en

Combating money laundering

The National Bureau of Investigation’s Financial Intelligence Unit handles police tasks related to combating and investigating money laundering. The unit’s duties also include preventing, exposing and investigating terrorist financing.

Parties involved in business who encounter signs of money laundering in their activities have an important role in combating the crime. Parties that have the reporting obligation shall file an electronic report with the Financial Intelligence Unit regarding any suspicious business transactions they may encounter. 

How is terrorist financing combated? 

An important part of fighting terrorism is preventing its financing. Terrorist financing is the acquisition or collection of funds from legal or illegal origins for terrorist purposes.

Terrorist financing is prevented by methods such as freezing funds that are suspected of being used for terrorist purposes. In Finland, decisions regarding the freezing of funds are made by the Financial Intelligence Unit. Administrative freezing of terrorism in Finland is controlled by a special act on freezing funds to combat terrorism.