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Coronavirus and the police

The police also maintains public order and security in relation to the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus and the police - sisältö

Restrictions on movement and public order

The police have the right to isolate, close or empty a commonly used space or area or prohibit and restrict movement if this is necessary for maintaining public order and safety. To increase the effect of the isolation, a police worker can give orders and prohibitions that obligate everyone.

Not following Police orders is deemed to be criminalised insubordination. The police can arrest the recusant if they would cause noticeable disturbance or immediate danger to the public order and safety. The arrested person can be held as long as it is probable that they cause disturbance or danger; however, a maximum of 24 hours.

Duties of the police are always based on the law and decrees.

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null The Oulu police wish everyone a peaceful Christmas (video)

The Oulu police wish everyone a peaceful Christmas (video)

14.12.2020 11.43
News item

The Oulu police wish everyone a peaceful and merry Christmas. This unusual year has tested everyone’s resources and stamina. Mental health problems, substance abuse problems, violence in close relationships, online fraud and traffic safety have been particularly prominent in the police’s analysis.

Oulu Police Department has posted a Christmas song on YouTube to remind everyone of the importance of not facing difficult times alone.  Help is available.  We encourage people to seek out help from the right place early. 

“As the song goes, ‘Grant me a peaceful home and the children a Christmas tree!’ we in the police also wish everyone a peaceful and harmonious Christmas. There is no shame in seeking help,” says Police Chief Mika Heinilä.

The webpage of the police’s Stop! campaign includes podcasts you can listen to and links to helpful sources.
Further information at

Video ‘Merry Christmas – You are not alone’ 

The song ‘En etsi valtaa loistoa’ (‘I seek not power or glory’) was composed by Finland’s national composer, Jean Sibelius.
Jean Sibelius and Finnish Music Day was celebrated on 8 December.

Oulu Police Department thanks the City of Oulu for providing the shooting location and Oulu’s Evangelical Lutheran congregations for providing the recording venue.

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substance abuse problems
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Public meetings and demonstrations

Always keep a safety distance.