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Information for asylum seekers

The police’s role in asylum matters

If a person intends to make an application for international protection, also known as an asylum application, they should submit it to the police or border guard when arriving in the country or as soon as possible following their arrival. All police departments have the ability to receive asylum applications and register asylum seekers. 

After the application has been submitted, the asylum seeker will be instructed to take residence in a reception centre designated by the Finnish Immigration Service, which will take over the processing of the asylum matter.  

Website of the Finnish Border Guard

The Finnish Immigration Service website

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The police are not returning people to Ukraine

Under a decision, due to the situation in Ukraine, the police are suspending until further notice the removal of foreigners to be returned to Ukraine.

Nor, until further notice, will foreigners be returned to any country from where they could be sent to Ukraine. 

No returns will take place since a foreigner returned to Ukraine could end up being subjected to the death penalty, torture, persecution or some other violation of human dignity. Nor could the safety of the police be ensured during returns either. 

Police contact details for the registration of those applying for residence permit on the basis of need for temporary protection and for asylum seekers

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the situation in Ukraine on the website of the Finnish Immigration Service

Police website related to the supervision of foreign nationals