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Karstula, licence services bus

Place where license service car is stopping
The licence services bus stops at address: Virastotie 3, Karstula. The licence services bus serves customers in licence-related matters on an appointment basis. The licence services bus runs in Hankasalmi, Karstula, Kinnula and Pihtipudas. The vehicle runs once a month on the first even week of the month. You can apply for a passport, identity card and other permits on the bus. We also take care of matters connected with firearms permits, but we do not perform firearms inspections. We mainly serve by appointment. We recommend handling matters online. Those who have booked an appointment are called by name in the Customer Service, without separate registration. Ready documents cannot be collected from the licence services bus, nor return of a driving licence at the end of a driving ban. Have a look at our more detailed contact information and opening hours.

In emergencies, always dial 112.

Please use our online services and book a service time in advance, whenever possible. Read the instructions first before making an application for a passport, personal ID card or other permit or filing a Police report.

If a case is underway and pending, the responses are given by the Police department handing the case. For example, to order copies of records of investigation or criminal reports, please contact the Police department or station directly. Please check the contact details of the department or station in question.

The cost for a call to the Police is

  • the local network charge (pvm) if you call using a landline number
  • cellular phone charge (mpm) if you use a mobile phone
  • international call charge if you call from abroad.

You will pay for the call in line with your operator tariff. Waiting time is also paid for.

Street address

Virastotie 3, 43500 KARSTULA

Opening hours

Opening hours until 4.9.2022
  • 1.6.2022–31.12.2022
    The licence services bus serves in Karstula 14.6.2022 and then 6.9.2022, 4.10.2022, 15.11.2022 and 13.12.2022.

Phone Numbers

  • Switchboard
    +358 295 440131
  • Nationwide police customer service and bookings
    +358 295 419800