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Keep abreast of what is happening with the police! The police regularly releases information about operations all over Finland.

This is also where you find the police’s blog, which provides insight into various aspects of policing and background information on the latest developments.

A mailing list for news releases will be set up in due course. Our news releases are also available through an RSS feed.

Two police officers standing in front of their patrol car in downtown Helsinki in the middle of the night close to the Railway station. The city lights shine bright behind them.

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Public notices of the police

Public notices of the police

All different public notices of the police are listed below. The police departments pages show the same notices given by the department.

Asset Publisher

null Notice of service by publication POL-2021-46488

Notice of service by publication POL-2021-46488

3.5.2021 11.46

Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page 03.05.2021. No-tice record number is POL-2021-46488.

Notice of service by publication POL-2021-46488




Notice of service by publication has been published on police´s web page 03.05.2021. Notice record number is POL-2021-46488.


Service by publication: for a period of 14 days after the publication of this notice, the Helsinki police department decisions on the license matters regarding the following persons are available for viewing:


Ali, Ahmed A. ajo-oikeuspäätökset 16.01.2020

Anttonen, Jan J. K. POL-2021-7884

Ates, Melih C. POL-2021-11774

Blomerus, Kauko O. ajo-oikeuspäätös 27.01.2021

Blomster, Jouni P. E. lausumapyyntö

Can, Batuhan D. POL-2020-77835

Daoud, Adi POL-2021-10193

Eklund, Kaj A. POL-2021-7976 ja POL-2020-73652

Enqvist, Klaus K. POL-2021-4950

Faisal, Mustafa S. POL-2021-25173 ja POL-2021-11364

Garzon, Jefry POL-2020-56406

Gomes, Mithun M. POL-2020-85060 ja POL-2021-7068

Guelor, Silutoni N. POL-2021-4093

Halonen, Jaana H. ajo-oikeuspäätös 27.01.2021

Hasoon, Ahmad H. POL-2021-8610

Haverinen, Katja S. POL-2021-28804

Hedman, Antonio A. V. POL-2021-18248

Heino, Marko J. POL-2021-2031

Hälli, Kari J. lausumapyyntö

Hätönen, Kim M. POL-2020-70753

Jenins, Raivis POL-2021-9908

Kalja, Marko POL-2020-84243

Khalili, Seyed M. POL-2021-8684

Kieloniemi, Juho J. POL-2020-85799

Kniivilä, Harri O. POL-2021-031A

Korhonen, Arto M. POL-2020-71684

Koskinen, Janne-Petteri ajo-oikeuspäätös 12.03.2020

Kuusi, Antti A. POL-2021-3047

Lauri, Tenho J. ajo-oikeuspäätös 15.01.2021

Leskinen, Pyry O. POL-2021-15433

Lindeman, Lenita D. POL-2020-55642

Lindlöf, Marko M. POL-2020-67103 ja POL-2021-614

Lipponen, Johanna M. POL-2021-37502

Lundgren, Vadim POL-2020-75668

Långsjö, Tom C. ajo-oikeuspäätös 23.12.2020

Långström, Tamara E. POL-2020-76825

Michailov, Nikita POL-2021-7735

Mohamed, Abdikani A. POL-2021-11819

Mohamed, Jahje A. lausumapyyntö

Mohamud Guled, Ikran ajo-oikeuspäätös 17.01.2020

Muruhar, Vicknesvaran ajo-oikeuspäätös 10.12.2020

Niemi, Marko J. ajo-oikeuspäätös 31.12.2020

Nissinen, Tiina M. POL-2021-18921

Nyrhinen, Kim S. POL-2021-10740 ja POL-2021-12506

Palm, Jasmin C. E. ajo-oikeuspäätös 08.04.2020

Peltonen, Emma E. POL-2021-6683

Peltonen, Olli J. ajo-oikeuspäätös 01.12.2020

Pietilä, Heidi L. M. ajo-oikeuspäätös 29.01.2021

Rattasepp, Lauri POL-2020-78035

Rautajoki, Teemu P. POL-2020-69014

Rekola, Kirsti E. ajo-oikeuspäätös 15.01.2021

Rinkinen, Mikko H. V. lausumapyyntö

Ruuskanen, Joona D. POL-2020-81036

Saavalainen, Tero U. lausumapyyntö

Salonen, Isto J. POL-2021-25773

Salonen, Topi S. POL-2021-14533 ja POL-2021-15376

Sareye, Abdi H. lausumapyyntö

Serenius, Kati T. ajo-oikeuspäätös 23.12.2020

Sheikh Hussein, Osman B. POL-2021-34253

Siikaluoma, Joonas P. POL-2021-1893

Sinisalo, Soini K. ajo-oikeuspäätös 12.11.2020

Steponavicius, Dainius POL-2021-12766

Svertskova, Vjatseslav POL-2020-75600

Thors, Henrik E. POL-2021-11740

Tilhe, Niina M. ajo-oikeuspäätös 14.01.2021

Tschernij, Petra J. E. POL-2020-85947

Uurasmaa, Jyrki J. W. POL-2021-15295

Valentin, Roger K. A. POL-2021-15658 ja POL-2020-53216

Viikinniemi, Heikki V. J. POL-2021-25123

Vähi, Riko lausumapyyntö

Äpätti, Ismo A. POL-2020-80927



The decisions can be viewed at the address:


Helsingin poliisilaitos

Pasilanratio 11

00240 Helsinki


Address information

mon-fri 8.00-16.15


The service is considered to have been effected on the seventh day after the publication of this notice.

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