Police on social media

Police on social media

We use social media to educate the public about police work. We also use our social media profiles as a way to quickly communicate information that could help our followers to, for example, avoid traffic jams or stay safe.

A smartphone in a police officer’s hand with the constable’s face pictured on the phone’s screen.

We are on social media because you are too

The police wants to be present where people are. In social media, we are involved in a large group. Each police department has its own social media accounts.

On police accounts, those who work in the police tell about their work. Welcome to follow the daily work and work of the police!

Each police organization account and expert account is listed below so you can be sure that an account really represents the Police in Finland.

Asset Publisher

Helsinki Police Department

Häme Police Department

Eastern Finland Police Department

Eastern Uusimaa Police Department

Southeastern Finland Police Department

The National Bureau of Investigation

Lapland Police Department

Southwestern Finland Police Department

Western Uusimaa Police Department

Oulu Police Department

Police University College

National Police Board

Central Finland Police Department

Keskustelun säännöt poliisin sosiaalisen median kanavilla YHTEINEN, ÄLÄ MUUTA

Comment rules on the police’s social media

You are welcome to chat with us, ask questions and post criticism. Please do so politely, respecting the privacy of others and without offending anyone. Base your arguments on facts.

The administrators monitor the conversations and answer questions. Due to the high volume of questions, however, we are unfortunately unable to answer everyone.

Please do not use the police’s social media to

  • verbally abuse others, swear or express racist views,
  • incite criminal behaviour,
  • post hate messages targeted at individuals, organisations, countries or nations,
  • advertise or market products and services,
  • make religious or political statements, or
  • post messages that could, under the Criminal Code of Finland, be classed as, for example, defamation or dissemination of information violating personal privacy. 
  • Posts that violate human dignity or incite criminal behaviour as well as racist and otherwise inappropriate posts can be removed. 

We never comment on private matters.

Please do not send us personal information belonging to yourself or anyone else on social media. Instead, please use our secure communication channels, such as our online services, feedback or net-based tip service.

You can always find a list of the authentic social media accounts of the Finnish Police at police.fi/social-media.

Tietosuoja somessa infolaatikko en

Data protection in social media

In social media, the data protection procedures of the social media platform in question apply at all times. Most social media services are located in non-EU countries, and thus the European Union’s data protection regulations do not apply.

As long as you remain on our police.fi you are on our site, but if you click on the social media add-ons, you will be on the social media platform and its DPA rules.