Ari Karvonen Kaakkois-Suomen poliisipäälliköksi
Ari Karvonen appointed Police Chief for Southeastern Finland

Publication date 24.3.2021 8.54 | Published in English on 27.3.2021 at 18.50
News item

The National Police Board has appointed Ari Karvonen, Master of Administrative Sciences, Police Chief for Southeastern Finland from 1 April 2021. The position will be filled for a fixed period of five years at maximum, from 1 April 2021 to 28 February 2026. Eight persons submitted applications for the position of Police Chief for Southeastern Finland.

Ari Karvonen has served as the Deputy Police Chief of Police Operations, Eastern Uusimaa Police Department, from 1 June 2016. His previous positions include Head of Organised Crime, National Bureau of Investigation, Head of National PCB Criminal Intelligence and Analysis Centre and Head of the narcotics and criminal intelligence unit of Western Uusimaa police department.

The Police Chief is the head of the police department, in charge of its operations and the effectiveness, results and development of operations.

The Police Chief is responsible for leading the police department in line with the confirmed goals for the police administration, for management of financial resources and human resources. He/she confirms the police department’s operational policies and operational focus areas and is responsible for the police department’s readiness and preparation. He/she also manages the police department’s work with stakeholders, cooperation and effective communications.

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