Jalkakäytävillä paljon sinne kuulumattomia ajoneuvoja
Many unauthorised vehicles parked on pavements

9.4.2021 18.31 | Published in English on 13.4.2021 at 9.49
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On the special control day organised to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, many sanctions were issued to road users of various groups. Cautions and fines for traffic violations were given to cyclists on pavements and drivers of light electric vehicles.

On 8 April, the Police organised an intensified control focused on improving the safety of vulnerable road users. The controls interfered with any traffic behaviour that was endangering the safety of pedestrians, cyclists or light electric vehicle drivers, in particular.

- Unfortunately, traffic behaviour and compliance with the rules did not meet all expectations, and the Police had to intervene in the operation of all road user groups. Most problems were detected on pavements with road users who did not belong there, Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio of the National Police Board notes.

Only cyclists under 12 years of age can drive on pavements

The Police wants to remind that only cyclists under 12 years of age can drive on the pavement, provided that they do not cause significant inconvenience to pedestrians. Moreover, a self-balancing light electric vehicle, also called electric mobility device, which stays in balance when the vehicle is not moving or has no driver, can be driven on the pavement. In this case, the driver must provide pedestrians with free passage.

During the day, the Police had to intervene with cars parked or stopped on cycle paths, pavements or too close to pedestrian crossings, issuing 12 fines for these violations. A total of 31 cautions or fines were given for the neglect for the duty of give way on crossing and bicycle crossings.

Cyclists received a total of round 450 cautions or fines, most of which for driving on a pavement. Drivers of light electric vehicles got almost 90 sanctions, also mostly for driving on the pavement. Sanctions were also given to about 150 pedestrians who failed to observe the red light.

The Police will continue the campaign to promote the traffic safety of vulnerable road users by organising a crossing rule control day on Wednesday 14 April 2021.

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