Police invite flight passengers to test a new digital travel document

Publication date 22.9.2023 11.25
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A man is walking toward the sign DTC only.
Border control without queueing with a digital travel document DTC

Finns on Finnair flights to and from the UK have a chance to be the first in the world to test a digital travel document DTC. The police are partners in the pilot project, which will last until the end of February 2024.

“We encourage Finnish citizens travelling to the UK to join those testing the pilot project. The pilot is aimed at smoother travel and reducing queues. At Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, passengers testing the new digital travel document have their own dedicated border control line along which they are able to proceed on their journey without queueing,” says Chief Superintendent Mika Hansson.

Besides departures from Finland, the scheme is also being piloted on return flights from the UK to Finland.

The first flight using a digital travel document was made on 1 September.

Border control without queueing

Customers on Finnair flights to and from London, Manchester and Edinburgh can pass through border control faster and easier than normal without queueing. This can be done by registering as a voluntary DTC (Digital Travel Credentials) user and by using DTC at border control when departing from and / or arriving in Finland.

Passengers can register as DTC users at police service points in Tikkurila and Helsinki-Vantaa Airport by following the instructions on the Finnish Border Guard website at DTC − Border control without queueing | Finnish Border Guard.

The pilot project tests the digital travel document DTC in a real border control environment, as far as is known for the first time in the world.

The DTC is a digital version of a physical passport and is just as reliable. It allows smooth, fast border crossings without compromising security. The European Commission and EU Member States are working together to develop the DTC as part of a broad digital identity policy, which contains a number of digital services. Besides Finnish actors, Croatia is also taking part in the DTC Pilot, which is headed by the Finnish Border Guard. The DTC is being tested at border checkpoints at Zagreb International Airport this autumn. The pilot project has received EU funding of €2.3 million.

Finnish Border Guard video shows how to take part in DTC testing

An instructional video provided by the Finnish Border Guard will show you how you can take part in voluntary DTC testing.

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