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Over 800,000 crimes come to the police’s attention each year. The information helps you prepare for crimes and preventing them. These pages contain tips for this. 

You can report an offence in the police’s online services. Information is also given on the processing of reports of offences and the support available to victims.

Everyone has the duty to report an offence to the police. The police has the duty to accept the report and investigate if an offence has taken place.

A police officer shining a torch into a car through a window.

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Report a lost passport, identity card or driving licence

If a document issued by the authorities (passport, identity card or driving licence) is lost or stolen, you must report it to the police. It is extremely important to file a report in order to prevent misuse. 

You can file the report using the electronic crime report form or by visiting a police station in person.

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Criminal records and criminal records extracts

The Police of Finland does not grant criminal records extracts. More information on criminal records and extracts is available on the Legal Register Centre’s website.

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