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Nationwide police surveillance camera mapping system

Nationwide police surveillance camera mapping system

The National Police Board’s surveillance camera mapping system is a database of surveillance cameras located on public land. The system contains information about the locations of cameras and their owners, with the owners’ consent. The information is designed to help criminal investigators, and the database is not public.

The system makes it easier for the police to take advantage of existing surveillance cameras. The mapping system and the contact information held in the database make it faster for the police to gain access to images needed for criminal investigation purposes. The police’s goal is to include the majority of the country’s surveillance cameras in the mapping system.

How to provide the police with surveillance camera information

The police cannot access the cameras through the mapping system. Submitting information to the database is voluntary. Camera owners can submit, edit and remove information about their surveillance cameras by e-mailing their local police department. Secure e-mail is recommended. Arrangements for ensuring information security can be made with the recipient.

The most important information to give the police is

  • the precise location of the cameras (coordinates or a map image of the cameras)
  • the property’s address information (street, town, post code)
  • the names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of contact persons (who are able to provide material)
  • preview images from the cameras
  • an identifier for each camera (that would make requesting material easier, such as a number)
  • the period for which recordings are stored
  • the storage format the recordings are stored on (USB, CD, cloud, etc.).

Relevant e-mail addresses of police departments:

Helsinki Police Department: 
Häme Police Department: 
Eastern Finland Police Department: 
Eastern Uusimaa Police Department: 
Southeast Finland Police Department: 
Lapland Police Department: 
Southwest Finland Police Department: 
Western Uusimaa Police Department: 
Oulu Police Department: 
Ostrobothnia Police Department: 
Central Finland Police Department: