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Instructions for applying for identification for the purpose of electronic identification documents

Your identity needs to be verified before you can be issued an electronic identification device or a qualified certificate. Please complete the application for identification, with the help of the certification service provider, before you come to the police station. Make sure that the address of the certification service provider is entered correctly in the application.

Bring a valid passport or identity card with you to your appointment at the police station. If you do not have a valid passport or identity card, the police can try to verify your identity by other means, such as by consulting other identity documents or registers, or by interviewing you. Please note that even the police may not be able to verify your identity.

Bring along two (2) identical passport photographs from which you can be easily identified. A fee is payable for the initial identification performed by the police when you submit your application, in accordance with the Decree on Police Service Charges. An application fee is always charged and will not be refunded even if your identity cannot be verified.

If the police are able to verify your identity, you will be issued a certificate, which will be posted by recorded delivery directly to the certification service provider, using the address given by you. The registration fee is included in the fee charged for identification. A certificate is sent to the service provider even if the police are unable to verify your identity. In these cases, the service provider is informed that it has not been possible to verify your identity.