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Careers with us

The police is one of the biggest government-sector employers in Finland. We employ a total of around 10,000 professionals and experts in 14 police units across the country. The police offers varied, challenging and meaningful work in a unique environment. 

Among our staff are experts in, for example, ICT, law, project management, economics, HR, communications, public contracts, licensing, teaching and research. 

Plain-clothes and uniformed police staff together with the individuals in the middle shaking hands.

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What we do affects people’s safety and well-being

The police’s vision is keeping everyone safe, at all times. The police’s values and code of ethics ensure consistency across the police organisation. The police’s values are customer service, fairness, professionalism and staff welfare. 

Working for the police, you get to help people feel safer and happier. The fact that we all get to contribute to a safer society keeps morale and job satisfaction high. In addition to meaningful work and a great team spirit, our staff benefit, for example, from

  • the chance to spend two hours a week exercising during working hours,
  • a range of sports and cultural services to promote well-being at work,
  • flexible working hours and the chance to work from home in desk-based roles to achieve a better work–life balance,
  • comprehensive occupational health services,
  • subsidised meals, and
  • a wide variety of opportunities for personal growth and career progression through, for example, new-hire instruction, on-the-job learning, traditional training and job rotation – in addition, police officers keep their accrued holidays and other benefits when they move within the organisation.

Every member of our staff plays a role in making Finland the safest country in the world. Could your next job be with us? Would you also like to contribute to keeping everyone safe, at all times?