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This is where you find printable versions of our forms. Please follow the instructions on each form to find out whether to send your form to your local police department or the National Police Board and whether to use post or email. Most of our forms are also available in an electronic format.

For advice and more information, contact our Police Customer Service Helpline.

Please note that there is no longer a crime report form. You can report a crime electronically or by visiting a police station.

Printable forms

The forms are listed in alphabetical order by topic:

  • Muut - Other forms
  • TO - Data protection and processing of personal data

You must have Adobe Reader version 8 or above to fill in and save the form and to send it as an attachment in an e-mail.

The best way to complete, print out and record forms is to use the Internet Explorer browser.

ATTENTION! When using some of the browsers (e.g. Firefox), the PDF form cannot be operated directly via the browser window, but it has to be first downloaded by clicking on the Lataa (Download) button and opened in Acrobat Reader software.

Appealing against a decision

Appeal instructions are provided for appealable decisions in conjunction with the issuance of the decision. There is some variation in the right to appeal, depending on the case. You can submit a claim for adjustment directly to the Police of Finland in some cases, while you cannot in others.