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The Police only accepts online e-invoices that comply with European standards.

The requirements of the European standard can be found in the Treasury's online invoicing instructions link below.

Our police units can only process and save online purchase invoices.
To send an invoice, please use the central government online invoice operator.

To send an online invoice address you need to have the following information of the police unit:

  1. Online invoice address/OVT ID 
  2. Operator ID  
  3. Business ID 
  4. VAT number 

If you have no access to a system that generates online invoices, you may use an online invoicing service provided by the Finnish government free of charge in order to create and send an online invoice.

Instructions on how to log in and use the online invoicing service are available at State Treasury.
With any questions regarding the service itself, please contact the Basware Supplier Portal helpdesk on 0600 97 373. Call charge is EUR 3,00 €/min + local network charge, service hours Mon–Fri 8:00 am–5:00 pm.

We also accept electronic attachments to online invoices. We recommend using pdf as the attachment format.

We cannot process paper copies of invoices or invoices sent by email. Such invoices will be returned unpaid to the sender.


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