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Apply for an identity card

An identity card is a document that certifies your identity when you use different services. In some cases, the identity card can also be used as a travel document and it has a chip that allows you to use online services. 

The identity card is usually valid for five years at a time.

The burgundy cover of a standard Finnish passport. Finnish identity card with the text specimen in the foreground.

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When you use the identity card, the information on it must be up to date. In addition, it must be possible to identify you from the photograph on the identity card. Contact the police if your identity card gets lost or stolen. 

You can apply for an identity card online or at a police station. In some cases, you may have to provide additional information for an application submitted online by visiting a police station.

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See how to apply for an identity card

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  1. Have your passport photograph taken

    The photography studio sends your passport photograph to the Police electronically.

    You will receive a photograph retrieval code as a text message or e-mail message for attaching the photograph to the application.

  2. Fill out the application

    Fill out the application in our online service. Attach the photograph retrieval code you have received to the application. Select delivery time and collection point. The system will tell you if you need to visit a police station.

    Pay the application fee online. You can also monitor the progress of your application online.

  3. Book an appointment

    Book an appointment with our online service if you need to visit a police station in order to apply.

    Remember to take your current passport or identity card with you if you have one.

  4. Pick up your new identity card

    Pick up your new identity card from the collection point you chose when you receive the collection note.

    If you cannot or do not want to submit the application online, you can also do so at a police station. Please note that submitting the application online is cheaper and quicker.

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The most common license fees

  • Passport EUR 50
  • Passport, electronic application EUR 44
  • Identity card EUR 58
  • Identity card, electronic application EUR 52
  • Firearms permit EUR 113
  • Certification as a security steward EUR 60

Chect out the list of fees