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Passenger Name Record (PNR)

The Passenger Name Record is an information system used by the Passenger Information Unit Finland (PIU) to collect, process and retain Passenger Name Record (PNR) data on flight passengers in line with the legislation. 

With the help of PNR, PIU Finland is allowed to process PNR data to identify persons who may have links to terrorist offences and serious crime. 

The PNR data consists of the passenger name record data (PNR data) in the carrier’s reservation system as well as the advance passenger information (API) in the check-in system. The information is retained in the Passenger Name Record PNR. The Controller of the PNR is the National Police Board of Finland.

The PNR data includes, for example, the flight ticket reservation date and the personal and contact data given by the passenger while booking the flight. The advance passenger information (API) includes, for example, the information specifying the passenger contained in the travel document used by the passenger on the flight in question (for example, name, date of birth and nationality) as well as information on the flight and itinerary in question (check-in or boarding information). 

Retention of PNR data

The PNR data can be retained in the respective register for five years from the date in which they have been transmitted to the Member State. After six months from the reception of the data, the data identifying the passenger are separated through the process of masking out. 

Responsible for the processing of PNR data, a Data Protection Officer has been designated. The Data Protection Officer has the access to the data processed by IPU. The Data Subject has the right to contact the Data Protection Officer in all matters related to the processing of the PNR data of the Data Subject in question. The passenger has the right to find out which data on their person has been retained in the PNR or that the register includes no data on their person. 

PNR legislation in Finlex 657/2019 (in Finnish)

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