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Permit forms for the private security sector

The police has a key role in the supervision of the private security sector. More extensive supervision and management of the sector is carried out by the National Police Board. The supervision of security services and the licences of the employees in the sector is supervised by the police department in the area. 

The private security sector covers a very wide spectrum of products and services. Guards, security stewards and security inspectors all operate in the private security sector. Similarly, service providers of security technology solutions and systems form one part of this sector along with various consultancy and training services. 


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The National Police Board steers and supervises while the local police departments monitor and offer services to the citizens

The National Police Board and its Security Sector Supervision unit are responsible for providing general guidance for private security services and their supervision. It 

  • grants business licences for the security sector upon application
  • approves the persons in charge, managers and deputies and temporary managers for business licence holders, as well as trainers for the use of force and use of firearms, and in security stewarding
  • makes amendments to the terms and conditions and limitations of business licences for the security sector or the licences of individuals
  • cancels licences for the security sector, either upon application or at the request of the authorities. 

Police departments are tasked with the supervision of the various operators in the private security sector in their jurisdiction. They

  • supervise the operations of private security companies, managers, deputies, temporary managers, guards, temporary guards, security stewards, temporary security stewards, security officers and persons conducting security checks, as well as use-of-force, firearms and security steward trainers and parties arranging training in security stewarding
  • grant, upon application, certifications to security guards, temporary security guards, and security stewards, and temporary security stewards and security officers
  • amend the terms and conditions and limitations of licences if and when needed
  • grant licences for security inspectors in their jurisdiction upon application
  • may cancel aforementioned licences either upon application or at the request of the authorities.