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Steering and monitoring of police operations

The police gets its annual budget from the Finnish Government. The 2020 budget amounted to approximately EUR 802 million.

The police’s financial statements explain how the budget is spent each year. Key figures illustrating the workload of Finland’s some 10,000 police staff are included in annual reports.

The police’s performance targets are public information. The targets are set by the Ministry of the Interior. Individual police departments’ and units’ targets are negotiated and confirmed by the National Police Board.

The police’s sword-and-lion emblem in white on a light blue background.

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Some of the documents referred to on the site do not meet the accessibility requirements. Should the document not be available, you can make a query to the registry (kirjaamo) of the Police unit in question. 

External audits on the police organisation are primarily the responsibility of the National Audit Office of Finland. The police organisation has its own designated teams for internal legality control and internal audit.

Visit the website of the National Audit Office of Finland

Read more about the work of the police’s internal legality control and internal audit staff on the police’s website