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Making an appointment and coming to the police station

Making an appointment and coming to the police station

You can initiate most application processes with the police online. You do not always have to visit the police station.

Our online service will inform you if you need to visit one of our service points personally. 

Book an appointment at the Licence Services in advance

Use the police’s appointment booking system to make an appointment with your local customer service point. You do not have to log in to use the system. First, select the purpose of your appointment and your preferred customer service point. If you cannot find a slot that suits you, check back later in case more slots have become available. 

Please take into account that it is not possible to make appointments for all of our service points. In addition, some service points are closed and licensed services are only available by appointment. Similarly, all licence services are not available at all service points. In addition to police stations, appointments are available at other service points, including the licence service van and some customer service points for several services.

You will receive a confirmation of the appointment you have made by text message or e-mail. The message contains an appointment ID that you have to keep. You will receive a reminder of the upcoming appointment at a later time. 

If you need help, our customer service helpline will help you with the appointment booking system.

It is possible to edit or cancel an appointment, if you need to

You can edit or cancel your appointment in our appointment booking service. You will need your appointment ID. You will be able to review your appointments on the front page of the service. You will see all the appointments you have made while logged in or after entering your personal ID code when you are logged into the e-service, under the Appointments section.

If you received the confirmation as a text message, you can cancel the appointment by sending a text message back to the same number. The text message should only include your appointment ID.

You can also edit or cancel your appointment by calling our customer service helpline. You will need the appointment ID for this, too.

The queuing times can vary

We recommend that you use our appointment booking service. If you have an appointment, you will be helped at a certain time.

You can also choose to queue for service at a service point during office opening hours. The waiting times vary by service point and can be up to several hours. The police stations have made different kinds of arrangements for the customers coming in without an appointment. 

All service points that offer licence services are not open on all days of the week. Check the service times with the police station contact details. 

Take the documents that you will need with you

Always bring your identity card or passport when you come in to the police Licence Service. An expired passport or identity card, a driving license and other documents can also be helpful in your identification.

Please find out which documents you will need that your application can be processed. More information on these is available on the website of each licence type. Take the necessary certificates and other forms with you. 

Contact information of the Police customer service helpline for the whole country

All contact details for the police

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