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Helsinki Police Department

Our goal is to make everyday life safe for everyone. We work towards this goal together with the City of Helsinki, other authorities as well as the communities and all their members. In addition to our basic duties as the local police force, we are responsible for the safety of the President, members of the Government and official state guests. Helsinki Police Department also houses the national SWAT team. For more information on our services and opening hours, see the details of individual police stations.

Our police stations

Contact info

PL 11, 00241 HELSINKI

Nationwide police customer service and bookings 0295 419 800
Svitchboard 0295 470 011

Automatic surveillance, traffic penalty fees and requests for administrative review [email protected]
Helsinki Police Band [email protected]
Licence services (passports, identity cards) [email protected]
Presentation of firearms [email protected]
Preventive operations [email protected]
Public events [email protected]
Requests for information and administrative complaints [email protected]
The orders of pre-trial investigation records [email protected]
Tips via email (crime tips) [email protected]

Online Invoicing address
Online invoice address/OVT ID 003702454321 Operator ID (OpusCapita) E204503 Business ID 0245432-1 VAT number FI0245432-1

Switchboard 0295 470 011

In emergency call 112.