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Helsinki Police

Helsinki Police is responsible for maintaining public order and safety, for preventing and investigating crimes, and for providing licence services in the city of Helsinki.

Helsinki Police is bilingual. Police Commissioner, Chief of Helsinki Police, manages Helsinki Police Department. Helsinki Police employs approximately 1,600 people 1,300 of which are police officers.

There is a police patch on the blue sleeve.

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Helsinki Police Department’s management

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Helsinki Police as employer

Helsinki Police Department was founded in 1826, and it is the largest police department in Finland.

In addition to the responsibilities mentioned above, Helsinki Police is also responsible for many special operations at national and local level such as for example organizing presidential and dignitary protection service.

In Helsinki, in addition to police patrols, the police can be seen on horseback, as K9/Police Dog Units and, during summer, on motorcycle, bicycle and boat patrols. Also, the National Special Intervention Unit Karhu and Police Traffic Safety Centre are located in Helsinki.

In addition to police officers, Helsinki Police employs professionals and experts from various fields such as ICT, law, economics, HR and communications.

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