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The present accessibility statement of 25 November 2020 relates to the service.

Updated on 22nd September 2023. 

The service is subject to Act on the Provision of Digital Services which requires that all public digital services must be accessible. We have made our own appraisal of the accessibility of the service.

State of accessibility of the digital service

The service meets the accessibility requirements fully on level A and partly on level AA.

Non-accessible contents 

1. Disproportionate burden

  • The documents related to the steering and monitoring of Police operations (Financial statements and annual reports, Operational and financial planning, Performance agreements) do not fully meet the accessibility requirements. Work has begun to convert them. The most recent Annual Accounts, Operating Plans and Budgets can be ordered from the registry of the National Police Board. Other performance agreements and Annual reports are available at the registry of the Police unit in question.

2. For all parts, the web site does not meet the requirements.

Inaccessible contents and their shortcomings

  • Individual illustration images do not have the alt text. Instructions to this effect have been given, and we provide advice to the publishers of the contents.
  • Documents produced in the administrative case management, decision-making and archiving system of the police include the sword-and-lion emblem of the police, for which there is no ALT-text. Heading is also missing in the documents. This defect has been identified and corrective measures are ongoing.
  • Blog images are missing alt text. The problem has been reported to the supplier.
  • The Excel sheets intended for the notifications of firearms traders do not meet the accessibility requirements. They are directly machine readable by the system, and therefore not fully readable by the screen reader. 
  • The weapon lists do not meet accessibility requirements. They are prints directly from the current weapons information system. At the time of the introduction of the weapons information system, accessibility was not required. Accessibility has been taken into account in the development of the new weapons information system.

Did you notice an accessibility shortcoming in the service?

Please let us know and we do our best to correct the situation.

Provide accessibility feedback via email

Any feedback on accessibility received by the Police is recorded in the Police case management system. We will respond to any accessibility feedback and requests without delay and in every case no later than within two weeks from the contact.  If the request to have the information in a format meeting the accessibility requirements is related to the contents of our extensive digital service, we can extend the response time with further two weeks. We will inform the requesting service user about the additional time. 

Supervisory Authority

If you notice an accessibility problem on the site, please send feedback first to us who are the site administrators. It may take 14 days for you to get a reply. If you are not satisfied with the reply given or do not get any answer in two weeks, you can report this to Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland (only in Finnish).

The web site of the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland gives detailed information on how to report the case and how it will be processed.

Contact details of the supervisory authority

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland
Unit for supervision of accessibility 
phone exchange 0295 016 000

We work to improve accessibility

We are committed to improving the accessibility of our digital services.

The Police has renewed its online services to ensure technical accessibility. At the same time, we have paid determined efforts to renew and clarify the contents to provide answers to the user questions. 

We continue content development and technical accessibility maintenance. At the bottom of each contextual entity, there is a button for feedback on whether the contents are of service to the users. 

We use technical means to follow the integrity of the site and the meeting of the accessibility requirements. 

We train and instruct content providers to implement accessibility in practice. 

We would be pleased to receive feedback promoting the accessibility of the site.

We provide support to users who cannot access digital services

Police Helpline can help in urgent questions, either by phone or in the live chat. 

Each Police unit and point of service will help if necessary.

In questions of accessibility, please contact the Communications unit of the National Police Board of Finland.

This site was published on
25 November 2020