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Information on the sites and terms and conditions of use

The online services provide information on the Police operations and guides you in your online transactions. The National Police Board of Finland is responsible for the site as a whole.  

We publish contents in Finnish, Swedish and English. 

The following functions apply to the use of the site. 


  • The start page contains Police news highlights and news releases. There are also highlights focusing on central Police topics, functions and services.
  • The search engine on the site helps you when you are looking for answers. The search function is in the web page header. By default, the search covers the entire contents of the site.
  • Map – The Police station web pages show a map. Clicking on it, you will be transferred to Google maps and covered by its terms and conditions.  
  • Mediaservice – Those working for the Media can order their chosen releases.
  • Net tips – You can use the crime tip system to inform the Police about suspicious materials and contents you come across in the Internet. If you need urgent Police help, always call the emergency number 112. The information sent through the crime tip system is encrypted.
  • Feedback – You can use the feedback form to send questions and feedback to the Police.  We will process the feedback during office hours. The response will be given in two weeks, provided you give your contact details. Please do not send confidential information in the feedback form.
  • Feedback on site contents – please give direct feedback using the buttons at the bottom of the page. If you choose the button for the question “Did you find what you were looking for?”, the opening field provides you a chance to give your proposal for improving the page. Please do not give any personal data in the field.
  • RSS services – The online service also provides news in RSS feed format. 
  • Online services –  Through this site, you can proceed to online permit applications or book an appointment with the Police. Please read the instructions first. The online process takes place on a different platform. 
  • Social media – The pages contain windows to our own social media channels. The site does not send user information through social extensions.  The official Police social media accounts and channels can be verified at 
  • News order service – You can receive the Police news releases to your email (in Finnish).
  • Official matters – If you wish to initiate an official case, please send mail to the registration office (kirjaamo) of the Police station or other Police unit; the contact details can be found at the unit web pages. If you do not know which is the right unit for your purpose, the registration office of the National Police Board of Finland will forward your message to the correct unit. Please avoid sending confidential information by email. The police sends and receives messages containing confidential information via the Secure Mail

Web browsers and terminal devices

The site is responsive and the scalable contents adapt to your terminal device. The pages are at their best with the most recent browser versions.

If the contents do not show well in your device, please send us feedback and tell about your device, operating system and the browser you use so that we can start to look at the problem. 

File downloads and reader applications

To read pdf files, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, freely downloadable from the Internet. The site contains webcast inserts and video recordings. The streaming opens from a separate server in a format supported by your terminal device. 

The web service offers RSS news feeds.


The Police has renewed the website to ensure service to all. With the technical specification of the site, we aim at meeting accessibility criteria. 

Provide accessibility feedback via email

You can give feedback on the contents by responding to the question "Did you find what you were looking for?‘’ at the bottom of the page. We use the feedback to improve the contents. Please provide feedback and we will tackle the case. accessibility statement

Data protection and site user terms and conditions

The site terms and conditions are presented hereunder. The Police is committed to protecting the privacy and personal data of the site visitors in line with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Terms and conditions and use of cookies

We use cookies to improve the user experience on our site. A cookie is a small text file stored temporarily by the browser on the user equipment. Cookies are used to manage the browser visit data on the site, and personal information is not collected or stored with them. The third-party social plugins used on the site can store their own service cookies according to their own policies. 

By approving all cookies, you will allow the analysis of the site use and development based on user data as well as various social media embedded contents on the site. Below, you can learn more about the analytics.

By only approving the indispensable cookies on the site, you will prevent the functioning of the analytics service for your part. 

You can also manage the cookies directly through your own browser settings. Please note that in that case, the site might not function optimally. 

The site retains the selections you make (persistent cookies) for one year. Session-specific cookies are deleted at the end of the session.

The page Information for travelers uses third-party visitor analytics. The page is part of the European Commission's Your Europe portal.

Necessary cookies

AWSALB and AWSALBCORS Server environment cookies allow traffic to be evenly balanced across the system and associate a user with a particular session. Valid for one week.
COOKIE_SUPPORT A publishing system cookie that stores information about the acceptance of cookies in relation to browser settings. Valid for one year.
GUEST_LANGUAGE_ID A publishing system cookie that stores the user's language preference on the website. Valid for one year.
ID A publishing system cookie used to identify the user. Valid per session. Only for logged-in users.
COMPANY_ID A publishing system cookie used so that the system tracks when a user logs in to the system. Valid per session. Only for logged-in users.
JSESSIONID A publishing system cookie that identifies users and links them to their sessions. Valid per session.
LFR_SESSION_STATE_<> A publishing system cookie that links users to their sessions and manages sessions. Valid per session.
jsV, mtv1ConfSum, mtv1Pulse Cookies used by MTCaptcha to identify traffic from bots and automation scripts. Captcha is used in conjunction with sending various forms. These cookies collect information about browser and captcha configurations. The cookies do not collect any information that could identify the user. Valid per session. Domain: You can read more information about MTCaptcha’s privacy policy here:  
yja_cookie_acceptance The cookie stores information about the acceptance of cookies and the extent of acceptance. This cookie only stores if cookie acceptance is enabled on the site and the visitor responds to the cookie survey. Valid for one year.
__cf_bm, _cfuvid, cf_clearance Server environment cookies used for detecting and preventing bot and malware traffic. 30 min/per session.



The site collects information on the site visit, used by the Police for the Siteimprove analytics. The site uses the data for online service development purposes. General statistics of the site use are collected, such as

  • downloaded pages
  • time
  • IP address (anonymised)
  • browser and operating system.

For further information on the analytics, please go to the Siteimprove webpage.  


The pages also include the Askem analytics related to the content feedback tool. It gathers data on the site visitor numbers but not on the visitors themselves.

Text, image and other content copyrights

The use of the text materials found on this site, and providing links to it, is allowed in the context corresponding to generally accepted practice. We hope you indicate the Police or a more detailed description as the source. The Police retains the rights to the text and visual materials on the site. The use of the images on the site is subject to authorisation. The images must not be manipulated or modified.

The use of the material or images is prohibited

  • for commercial, political (such as electoral campaign) or religious purposes
  • in an inappropriate or immoral manner. 

Processing of personal data

The Police processes the personal data you have provided with care and lawfully. We ensure proper data protection. We only store contact and other data provided by the users themselves, using such details to reply to their contact requests, questions or other feedback. Each such service comes with a separate privacy statement for the service user.

Privacy statements of the police

Social extensions and plugins

The site contains links and connections to third party web pages and so-called plugins, such as Twitter extensions. The third-party plugins on the site are downloaded from the servers of those services. The site does not send user information through social extensions.

Any third-party services on the site or applications forwarded by them are subject to the terms and conditions of use of that third party. 

Legal reservation

As concerns the contents of the site, we thrive to provide correct and updated information.

The Police is not responsible for harm or inconvenience caused by technical disturbance or for linked materials published by third parties.

The Police reserves the right to update, revise and amend the terms and conditions of use as well as the contents and visual appearance of the site.

This page was last updated on April 16th 2024.