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Häme Police Department

We provide police services in 21 municipalities in the Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme regions. Our area is characterised by the beautiful ridge landscape of Lake Päijänne and a road network popular among tourists. There are several busy traffic hubs in the area, such as Riihimäki, Hämeenlinna and Lahti. For more information on our services and opening hours, see the details of individual police stations.

In emergencies, always dial 112.

Please use our online services and book a service time in advance, whenever possible. Read the instructions first before making an application for a passport, personal ID card or other permit or filing a Police report.

If a case is underway and pending, the responses are given by the Police department handing the case. For example, to order copies of records of investigation or criminal reports, please contact the Police department or station directly. Please check the contact details of the department or station in question.

The cost for a call to the Police is

  • the local network charge (pvm) if you call using a landline number
  • cellular phone charge (mpm) if you use a mobile phone
  • international call charge if you call from abroad.

You will pay for the call in line with your operator tariff. Waiting time is also paid for.

Post address

Esikuntakatu 4, 15700 LAHTI

Online Invoicing address

  • Online invoice address/OVT ID
  • Operator ID (OpusCapita)
  • Business ID
  • VAT number

The Police only accepts online e-invoices that comply with European standards.

Phone Numbers

  • Police helpline
    +358 295 419800
    Mon–Fri 8.00–16.15
  • Telephone exchange
    +358 295 430311
    Mon–Fri 8.00–16.00
  • The orders of pre-trial investigation records, Forssa
    +358 295 414016
    Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00
  • The orders of pre-trial investigation records, Hämeenlinna
    +358 295 437730
    Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00
  • The orders of pre-trial investigation records, Lahti, Heinola, Orimattila
    +358 295 437270
    Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00
  • The orders of pre-trial investigation records, Riihimäki
    +358 295 437905
    Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00
  • Tip line
    +358 295 414222


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