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Financial statements and annual reports

The police’s financial statements are an analysis of the effectiveness of policing and the organisation’s performance, achievements, standard of service and human resources. The annual report, which is incorporated into each year’s financial statements, explains how the police’s budget has been spent and what money has been made from the police’s services and also includes the organisation’s accounts.

The police’s latest financial statements are not fully compliant with the relevant accessibility requirements. Copies of the document can be requested from the National Police Board’s registry by emailing [email protected]

Financial Statements of the National Police Board – 2019 (in Finnish)
Financial Statements of the National Police Board – 2018 (in Finnish)
Financial Statements of the National Police Board – 2017 (in Finnish)

Poliisin työntekijöitä pöydän ääressä tarkastelemassa papereita.

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For more information, call the National Police Board on +358 (0)29 548 0181 or email the registry at [email protected].

More information about central government finances, human resources and performance is available online at

Finnish Ministry of the Interior’s financial statements and agency-specific financial statement assertions (in Finnish)