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The police employs people from many different walks of life. Just over one quarter of our staff of 10,000 are not police officers. The police organisation has a huge range of jobs to offer to civilians as well. We need people who are able to assist police officers in their work, in addition to which we employ experts and professionals in fields such as ICT, law, project management, economics, HR, communications, public contracts, licensing, teaching and research.

Are you interested in a career with the police? Police training in Finland is provided by the Police University College in Tampere. For more information about police training and how to apply, visit

Every member of the police organisation plays a role in making Finland the safest country in the world. Could your next job be with us? Would you also like to contribute to the police’s vision of keeping everyone safe, at all times? 

You can learn more about the varied roles of the police from our career stories

Browse our vacancies here or on the central-government recruitment portal at and submit your application!

Four plain-clothes members of staff working around a conference table, conversing and browsing through paperwork with a laptop computer open on the table.

Katso avoimet työpaikkamme en

Browse our vacancies

Our vacancies are listed below by police unit. The links lead to the central-government recruitment portal at The details are provided mostly in Finnish or Swedish, depending on the position.