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A career with the police can start and progress in many ways. Would you like to know more about what it is like working for the police? Learn about the many aspects of police work through our career stories.

The stories feature members of the police’s staff working in different units and in very different roles. Get to understand why people join the police and from what kinds of backgrounds. The police has a number of positions that do not require police training, and these are also featured in the stories.

The image of a constable reflected in the wing mirror of a police car.

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You can find more stories about police work in the Police University College’s entrance examination study guide Kun isolla kengällä astuu, jää iso jälki - Kahdeksantoista näkökulmaa poliisin työhön (When you wear big shoes, you leave a big mark; Eighteen points of view on police work) (in Finnish).