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KRP kannustaa kehittämään osaamista -Christian Jämsen uratarina -en

National Bureau of Investigation fostering personal growth

Chief of Information Management Christian Jämsén 
National Bureau of Investigation, Cybercrime Centre
MA in History

My job description is extremely broad and varied. I help the head of the Cybercrime Centre to plan and improve our operations. This involves liaising with Finnish and international partners and coordinating the Cybercrime Centre’s communications and contacts with the media.

I have a master’s degree in history. It was my previous work experience and my own interest in the field that steered me towards a career in information security and cybercrime. Prior to the National Bureau of Investigation, I worked as Chief Information Security Officer for the government. I have complemented my training with courses in security management, and I am planning to do a master’s degree in administrative science, specialising in the public sector.

The National Bureau of Investigation has given me all the training I need for my job and plenty of new challenges. My employer encourages me to keep studying and learning. I have already learned a lot about police work and gained a wider understanding of cyber security.

The National Bureau of Investigation is an open and welcoming place to work. My job is unique, and it impacts on the whole society. My work is different every day – sometimes hectic but always educational, as I get to work with phenomena that are constantly evolving.