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Become a police officer

There are hundreds of career opportunities with the police 

Police education in Finland is provided by the Police University College in Tampere. Most people associate police work with blue uniforms and police cars. In addition to patrolling the streets, however, there are also a wide range of other career opportunities for police officers. 

Police officers can, for example, work as detectives or forensic analysts, run command training centres, plan other officers’ shifts or coordinate permits and licences. There is a myriad of options for both uniformed police and detectives. You can also educate yourself to become a commander or to work in a managerial role.  

Many police officers have previously trained or worked elsewhere. The police is a great place to make use of a variety of skills and to also progress to more demanding positions. The police force includes communication professionals, vehicle experts and trained medical staff.  

The boat policeman is standing on the deck of the police boat, leaning on the railing, next to it you can see the poliisi (police) text on the side of the boat.

Recent graduates and seasoned veterans equally welcome

The police also has countless other positions that are suited to people with different educational backgrounds. We are happy to employ newly-graduated security-minded young people who are still finding their place in the labour market. We can also offer meaningful work for academics looking for a career change. Some elements of police work involve information systems, research and other aspects of national security.  

In addition to police officers, we employ business graduates, engineers, education professionals, lawyers, archaeologists and psychologists. Could your skills be useful to the police? Have a think and then take a fresh look at our vacancies and career stories!

The police's technical criminal investigation takes photos with a camera.

Poliisiksi infolaatikko en

How much do police officers earn?

In Finland, the basic salary of a Senior Constable totals EUR 2,330–2,700 per month. In the police pay system, the monthly salary consists of the basic salary, the length-of-service bonus, performance bonus and increment for inconvenient working hours, plus any other increments according to the collective bargaining agreement on civil servant salaries.

For a newly qualified police officer, the earnings for regular working hours may amount to approximately EUR 2,550–3,150 per month. However, various increments and bonuses earned for evening, night and weekend shifts influence the earnings for regular working hours.

Police students receive a Constable Intern’s wages for the training period included in their studies. The basic salary totals approximately EUR 2,120 per month.