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The objective of the police’s strategy is to make lives safer

Consistency and systematic procedures are at the core of the police’s operating culture and help to make policing more effective.

The police’s strategy and new vision for the years 2020–2024 focus on making lives safer. The strategy, together with the laws and other regulations that guide the police, forms the foundation of police work. The goal is to allow the police to perform better in the current operating environment.

Finland’s security situation and the police’s external environment have changed significantly, quickly and, at times, unpredictably. This affects all aspects of police work. The traditional threats have not gone away, and new threats are adding to the challenge. Consistent and systematic policing is now more important than ever.

Main points of the strategy

  1. The police makes lives safer and has the public’s trust.
  2. The police prevents crime and disturbances.
  3. The police is particularly effective in uncovering and solving serious crimes.
  4. The police’s services are sophisticated, secure and always improving.
  5. The police advocates cooperation and communicates effectively.

The police’s new vision is keeping everyone safe, at all times.

The police’s values remain customer service, fairness, professionalism and staff welfare.

The police also has a few sub-strategies. These include the police’s

  • human resources strategy, which governs all aspects of human resources development in the police organisation,
  • strategy for collaboration with Finnish Customs and the Finnish Border Guard, and
  • facilities strategy, which is aimed at finding consistent, functional and cost-effective renovation and new-build solutions.

The Ministry of the Interior also has an Internal Security Strategy, which sets the course for turning Finland into the safest country in the world. The police has an important role to play in the pursuit of this goal.

The police’s strategy to the years 2020-2024

Learn more about the Internal Security Strategy (in Finnish)