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Public events

Public events

An occasion or event is considered a public event when it is open to anyone either free of charge or against an entrance ticket.

Typical public events include fairs and markets, sports events, shows and festivals intended for audiences. Thus participation in a public event does not require a separate invitation or membership in a community. A public meeting, or demonstration, is not a public event.

What kinds of events should you notify the police of?

As a rule, the police of the location where the public event will be organised must be notified of the event in writing. 

A notice need not be submitted for all public events. Often such events do not cause any harm to outsiders or the environment, nor are separate traffic arrangements needed. Another reason why a notice need not be submitted is the venue of the event or the small number of audience. 

Local conditions vary considerably in different parts of the country. It is difficult to determine precisely the types of events for which a notification need not be made at all. 

In any case, it is always advisable to contact the police of the event venue for more detailed information. A notification should be made at least for the following events:

  • Major events (hundreds of participants)
  • Outdoor events in public places (especially traffic routes)
  • Events for special groups
  • Events ending late (after 10 p.m.)
  • Events at which security stewards or traffic management personnel are required
  • Events at which alcoholic beverages are served
  • Events requiring emergency planning (more than 200 participants)
  • Events that are expected to evoke a strong response (involving a danger of disturbance).

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