Almost 2000 speeders caught by Police patrols during control week

Publication date 29.3.2022 14.21
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From 21 to 27 March 2022, the Police controlled excessive speeding on a national scale, especially on the arterial highways but also in population centres.

During the control week, the Police patrols caught 1950 motorists who were driving at excessive speed, but also 47 persons wanted by the Police were found. In addition, the Police registered 24 drug-related offences during the controls, as well as three fire-arms crimes and eight property offences.

The automated speed controls registered 788 further cases of speeding during the control week (Mon-Fri). 

The Police is concerned about the trend persisting over the past few years, with heavy speeding increasingly frequent. Among the speeding cases recorded last week, 86 met the criteria of suspected endangerment of road traffic.

- Another objective of the control week was to increase the risk of being caught. We actively informed the public about the higher risk, especially in the social media, Chief Superintendent Heikki Kallio of the National Police Board comments on the campaign. 

According to him, the controls are particularly necessary in the spring as the road conditions improve and seem to entice some drivers to excess behaviour in the traffic. 

During the past week, the Police patrols used about 5,070 working hours on speed controls, with the 24 hour control marathon accounting for about 1,500 hours of the whole. Civilian cars  were also involved in the control operations.

The controls took place in all hours of the day, but the focus was on the day-time traffic and on heavy speeding. The traditional pan-European Roadpol speeding control marathon, organised on 24 March, coincided with the Finnish campaign.

The following nation-wide traffic control themes will focus on the use of safety equipment and the traffic behaviour of the vulnerable road users.

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