Already 177 intoxicated drivers caught in road traffic during Christmas Party season

Publication date 30.11.2021 11.08
News item

The Police have caught a total of 135 drunken drivers and 42 under the influence of drugs on two weekends during intensified control targeted at drunken drivers in Christmas Party traffic.

Intensified controls were carried out on the Christmas Party weekends of 19 – 21 and 26 – 28 November throughout Finland. 

Chief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen at the National Police Board says that the Police used about 3,200 working hours, breathalysed some 16,000 drivers and performed around 200 rapid diagnostic drug tests. In a total of 260 cases, drivers had drunk alcohol but were not over the limit to be sentenced for driving while intoxicated
Even though the focus of the controls was on drink driving, the Police also encountered other problems. 

“The Police also filed 27 child welfare reports. During the controls, 16 drug-related crimes were detected and 59 persons wanted by the Police were apprehended,” Ihalainen comments.

The Police remind people that they must not drive any motor-operated vehicle when under the influence of any intoxicant. 

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