Poliisin mediatiedotteiden jakelu muuttuu
Changes to the distribution of press releases from the police

Publication date 25.11.2020 3.33 | Published in English on 29.11.2020 at 11.55 | Modified on 3.12.2020 at 10.47
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The Finnish police service is updating its website. At the same time, the distribution of press releases from the police will change.

We are going to start using the Finnish state’s shared YJA publishing platform. Our new media service will be similar to the government media service.

From now on, the only way to subscribe to our press releases will be via the media service. In order to subscribe, you must register with the service. When you sign in to the service, you can subscribe to the press releases that you find interesting. 

You can subscribe to specific releases based on the police units and departments that published them, or based on any of a dozen different types of press release. It will be possible to make changes to the subscription criteria after the launch of the service.

Our objective is to better serve the media by offering them photographs and other material. We therefore hope that you will start using our media service.  Further information meant to be shared only with representatives of the media will not be made publicly available.

Previous press releases published by the police will not necessarily show on the new website immediately, but they will be added there as soon as possible after the launch of the service. If necessary, you can make a request to get a specific press release by contacting the registry of the police unit that published the release.

Registering with the police media service 

The following details are needed to register with the service:
•    Email address
•    Password (you will be asked to create your own password when you register in the service)
•    First name
•    Last name
•    Telephone number  
•    Country
•    The media outlet/organisation that you work for
•    Role (e.g. journalist, photographer, other)
•    We may ask freelancers to provide additional information, if necessary
•    If you want to use a shared email address for your organisation, you can add the details of your managing editor or another person of similar status who can act as the contact person if there are problems with the registration.

The police approve the representatives of the media who can use the news service. We do not consider writers of blogs, news parody websites, letters to the editor or occasional publications to be representatives of the media. 

We are also going to launch a subscription service that will be available to everyone. In other words, everyone will be able to subscribe to receive public announcements. 

After the change, we will share the most important press releases via email for a week, so that you will have time to start using the new service. Naturally, our press releases will also be posted on our website at poliisi.fi.

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