Crime scene investigation into the damage in the gas pipeline completed

Publication date 19.10.2023 16.02
News item

The scene investigation into the damaged gas pipeline has been completed and the collected samples have been submitted to forensic examination.

In the scene investigation, the police have been assisted by the Border Guard and the Defence Forces. It has required several dives into the damaged object in the depth of dozens of metres.

– I wish to thank all the authorities for invaluable assistance, says General Head of Investigation, Detective Superintendent Risto Lohi.

– The expertise, equipment and maritime excellence of the cooperative authorities have had a central role in the investigation, Lohi says.

Although the scene investigation into the damage in the gas pipeline has been completed, investigations and the presence of authorities still continue in the area. Subsequently the area surrounding the damage will be widely examined.

The collected samples will be submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation Forensic Laboratory for analyses. 

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