Criminal investigation into the Viertola shooting progresses - interviews in final stages

Publication date 11.4.2024 11.58 | Published in English on 11.4.2024 at 12.07
News item

The police have made progress in the criminal investigation into the shooting incident at Viertola school on 02 April and most of the interviews have been completed. The police have been working in close cooperation with various authorities, including the District Prosecutor.

– We have conducted dozens of interviews during the investigation, more than ten this week alone. Interviews will continue over this weekend, and we the suspect will also be interviewed again, says Detective Chief Inspector Marko Särkkä.

–  Both of the injured girls are still in hospital. One of the girls is still in critical condition, but the other one is being discharged to home care today, continues Särkkä.

– In relation to the criminal investigation into the firearms offence, we continue by interviewing those involved, says Särkkä.

The police will release further information on the case as the criminal investigation progresses.

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