Demonstration causes significant traffic disruptions in Helsinki on Friday

Publication date 27.6.2024 14.35 | Published in English on 27.6.2024 at 15.54
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Extinction Rebellion has announced that they will demonstrate on Friday, June 28, from 3 PM to 9 PM at the intersection of Porkkalankatu and Länsiväylä, as well as in the square at Porkkalankatu 1. The police have informed the organizers that blocking traffic on Länsiväylä is not permitted.

Elokapina has also announced a demonstration for Sunday, June 30, in which four processions intend to march to Hakaniemi Bridge. The processions are scheduled to start at approximately 1:15 PM. Two processions are expected to arrive via Sörnäisten Rantatie and two via Pohjoisranta to Hakaniemi Bridge, where the demonstration is expected to continue until 7 PM.

“The police always negotiate with the organiser of the demonstration to ensure that the demonstration would not cause unreasonable disturbance to other citizens. If the demonstration is carried out in significant violation of the law, endangers public order and safety, or obstructs traffic, the police may interfere with the course of the event by issuing instructions and orders or, ultimately, by ending the demonstration”, says Superintendent Heikki Porola.

The role of the police is to safeguard the freedom of expression of the demonstrators, public order and safety, and the rights of the citizens of Helsinki.  

The option to interrupt or end a demonstration is always assessed case-by-case. Instructions and, if necessary, orders issued by the police, as well as the means used to enforce them, are based on an overall assessment of the situation. The police always primarily try to negotiate with the organiser to resolve the situation.

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