Does your summer holiday start - with planning and in good shape or with a hangover and quarantine?

Publication date 28.5.2020 15.17
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School term is ending this year in quite special circumstances. Despite the nice weather you still need to avoid crowds. And you still want to celebrate. How can it be done this year?

The Chief Inspector Hannu Väänänen from preventive actions unit says, that you should celebrate the ending of the school term. But you should do it in a different way than before. - In these times you should remember, that it takes only one corona infected person to cause lots of harm to a large group of people, if the corona infected person is thoughtless and careless. To catch the corona virus is always a serious matter. In case of an infection or even being in contact with a person who has the virus leads to a two week quarantine. This kind of start of a summer holiday would be dull.

Police is hoping that large groups of people would not be formed at all. The Chief Inspector Väänänen encourages young people to think over some new ways to celebrate. Young people should think carefully what the size of the group is when having a party. Väänänen recommends to maybe invest some time and maybe even some money to have that special quality time with your best friend or your loved one, just between the two of you.

The parents will have a big responsibility of their youngsters’ behaviour. Hopefully every parent will talk with their children about the dangers of using alcohol and drugs and being in large groups of people. Now these talks are more needed than maybe ever before.

The police of Western-Uusimaa will oversee the weekend celebrations in the whole area of Western-Uusimaa. It is possible to follow the police work from the social media.

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Insta Live in Raasepori on Friday at 6 pm

The police of Western-Uusimaa wishes everybody a very safe and peaceful time at the ending of the school term.

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