Eighty-three intoxicated drivers found during controls focusing on Christmas Party weekend

Publication date 25.11.2021 9.31
News item

The Police caught 60 drunken drivers and 23 drivers under the influence of drugs during the intensified controls targeted at the Christmas Party weekend from 19 to 21 November.

- In addition, 154 persons who had drunk were not over the limit set for alcohol and driving. The Police also filed 11 child welfare reports. During the controls, 16 drug-related crimes were detected and 39 persons wanted by the Police were apprehended, Chief Superintendent Heikki Ihalainen of the National Police Board comments on the numbers of the weekend between 19 and 21 November.

He adds that the Police used about 1,550 working hours on the weekend’s controls and had about 8,000 drivers take the breath test and performed about 120 rapid diagnostic drug tests.

The Police will continue the nationwide intensified drunken driving controls during the coming weekend from 26 to 28 November. The controls take place during the weekend using the resources available to the Police departments, in the form of mass breath tests.

Chief Superintendent Ihalainen underlines that the drivers must always remember their responsibilities.

-  So, never drive a motor vehicle if you are under the influence.

He also points out to the eventual consequences of driving under the influence of any intoxicant.

- If you crash your car under the influence, it may be that the insurance company refuses to pay any damages caused by the crash. And, correspondingly, if you accept a ride with a driver that is under the influence, you as the passenger may also lose eventual compensations.