Espoo Main Police Station no longer serves new queue number customers for the rest of the day

Publication date 9.4.2024 14.27 | Published in English on 9.4.2024 at 14.34
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Due to a network failure, the queue number device is closed for the rest of Tuesday 9th. In addition, card payments are currently not possible.

Maintenance work at Espoo Main Police Station has caused unexpected network disruption. The situation affects payments and queue number customer service.

The queue number device is closed for today. We can no longer serve new queue number customers at Espoo Main Police Station today. Customers with appointment and those who already have a queue number will be served normally.

There is also disruption in payments. At the moment, customers cannot make card payments. Only cash payment is possible.

We apologize for the situation and hope that the matter will be resolved soon.

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