Attempted homicide committed at Valkea shopping centre in Oulu under investigation by National Bureau of Investigation

Publication date 14.6.2024 11.51
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The National Bureau of Investigation will request that a man born in 1990 suspected of two attempted murders be placed on remand. The request will be considered by the Oulu District Court on Monday 17 June.

The National Bureau of Investigation investigates the homicide committed at the Valkea shopping centre in Oulu on Thursday 13 June as two attempted murders. A man born in 1990 is suspected of having stabbed the 12-year-old victim from behind several times. After that he tried to go after a minor who was in the company of the other victim of stabbing.

– A guard in the shopping centre managed to stop the suspect before he caused any more harm. The guard's action was extremely exemplary, says Head of Investigation, Detective Superintendent Ari Soronen of the National Bureau of Investigation.

The criminal investigation is still at an early stage and the police do not know the exact motive for the act. They know, however, that the suspect has a background in extreme right activities. 

The victim was seriously injured but is in a stable condition. 


Edited: Title updated 14.6.2024 at 12.57. The term used earlier in the title was misleading. The victim was injured, not deceased.

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